There are currently thousands of homeless Veterans in the Charlotte County area with little opportunity or hope of returning to a normal life.

These Veterans are not just homeless people… These are American Veterans: our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters who have come home from war zones only to be engaged in a different kind of war. They have come home to the realization that they are without employment opportunities and without resources to reestablish their lives in their own country. They are “POW’s” Sentenced to a “hopeless economic imprisonment” that they cannot escape without our help.

To provide temporary accommodations for homeless veterans and provide them the means to become self-sufficient. 

Funding to build or buy a building that could serve as temporary living quarters for Veterans until he or she is able to return to the mainstream of society. The vacancy will provide an opportunity for another Veteran, then another, then another, until we win this war on homelessness. The size and cost of housing is dependent upon the amount that can be raised through grants, private funding, and other fund raising efforts.

There are many programs available. Unfortunately, a Homeless Veteran does not qualify for any of these government programs while living in the woods or on the streets. 

Every Veteran Organization in the area has expressed their willingness to help homeless veterans. The Charlotte County Commissioners are committed to solving this problem. Unfortunately, a single organization cannot make a significant difference alone, it takes the resolve and team efforts of many organizations. This is a partial list of those who have volunteered to win this war on homelessness.

The Patriot Riders of America, Inc.
The American Legion
The Veterans of Foreign Wars
The Disabled American Veterans
The Volunteers of America
The Vietnam Veterans of America
The Wounded Warriors.
The Charlotte County Veterans Services 

Not all homeless Veterans can be helped or want help. Some are psychologically ill beyond our capabilities. This Veteran can be referred to mental health organizations. Of those who want to be helped and can be helped, represents an achievable goal that looks very encouraging. 

We have a mission to rescue our American Veterans from a hopeless and desperate existence. We will not stand-down and turn away from those who have fought for our country.

We need to rally our Patriots, assembly our resources, and fight for our American Veterans.

“We”… means you and me.

Together with the help of government programs, fellow veterans, organizations, and conscientious Americans, we will raise the resources for this mission.



 The Patriot Riders of America, Inc. is a Non-Profit fund raising organization that helps local veterans that have fallen upon hard times. American Veterans returning from Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and other war zones are finding the conditions of the economy resembling the great depression. Employment is unavailable; therefore food, shelter, clothing, and other necessaries are also unavailable. South West Florida is one of the hardest affected in the United States. Without much of a potential of employment, many of our Veterans are soon destitute, homeless and without hope. Our mission is to help them back into society by temporarily supplying them with food, shelter where possible, clothing, and most importantly helping them on the path of stability and dignity.

We do not consider this a charity; we consider it a privilege and our obligation.